We have a well programmed school health screening which focuses on all the three pillars of the school that is students, teachers and supporting staff.

General Health

Biometrics, Hygiene, Vision, Hearing, Oral care, Respiratory disorders, Ergonomics, General physical health.

IQ / EQ Test

Analyzing the intelligent and emotional quotient for the better evaluation of an individuals mental state.

Staff Health

We provide health screening of them as well so as to create a healthy n disease free environment in the the school.

Stress Management

We asses the stress levels and teach them to various methods of stress management for all including the students.


We offer carrier guidance and other counseling session to uplift the students and stay motivated and focused to fight the battle of life.

Premises Management

We conduct sessions and workshops for sanitization of the premises in order to create a health and student friendly atmosphere.

Special Child Health Screening

We have a special way of screening of those suffering from physical and mental disabilities.

First Aid and Disaster Management

We undertake workshops and training sessions for first aid and Disaster management.


The right knowledge of eating is the base of a healthy body. Diet counselling planning are some of the key sessions.