we use latest technologies for your screening which are completely non invasive


we use stethoscopes which can ampliy heart sounds to 40x . we can also record and save the heart sound.


we use latest technology of DMIT to asses the individuals mental status


we use intra-oral cameras for our dental screening

Vital stats

we use instrument which are FDA approved for accurate measurement of pulse , oxygen saturation and respiratory rate


we use latest technologies for vision screening which can detect all eye problem in just 10 seconds without touching the individual

Lung capacity

we use portable spirometer for evaluation of the lung capacity ,which is used to detect Asthma or any other lung disease

Hemoglobin Measurement

We use Technologies which can detect the Hb level of the individual without removing blood.


to record the height of the child we use latest technology which doesn't require a wall or a stand within 2 seconds